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PYT’s pick up Rude and Pringle at the airport, Percy says the PYT"s damaged his Momma’s Plane so he was shoved in the back of a small plane



*Hector Guerrero & Tyree Pride vs The Red Menace & Jack Hart

*Clips of The Road Warriors vs Maha Singh & The Purple Haze. Wild clip, with Sullivan's spike involved

*Jesse Barr vs Cocoa Samoa

*Clip of Lex Luger ripping up Wahoo McDaniel's Indian Headdress

*Pak Song & The Missouri Mauler vs Dusty Rhodes & Jesse James. I'm guessing here--its hard to tell who's who. From early 70s

*Maha Singh destroys a jobber and gets DQ's. Followed by a really lame confrontation with Sullivan and the ref, who appears to be about 19 years old, who threatens Sullivan with a 1 year suspension for interfereing

*Barry & Kendall Windham vs The Cuban Assassin & Prince Iaukea

*The Road Warriors vs The Fabulous Ones. LOD are on their way to Florida, so they show a tape of an A.W.A. match to alert the fans

*Magnificent Muraco vs Manny Fernandez. Mat Classic. Muraco wins Southern Title in a good, bloody match when a masked man splashed Manny after a ref bump. Backstage footage is then shown of Muraco & Oliver Humperdink paying off a bounty to the masked man, NIKOLAI VOLKOFF

*Brief clip of Wahoo McDaniel & Billy Jack Haynes defeating

*Ric Flair & The Grappler in a Steel Cage Match

*Rick Rude vs Billy Jack Haynes. Jip. Rude defends the Southern Title using the ropes for leverage

*N.W.A. Champ Ric Flair vs Lex Luger. Jip. Match ends in chaos, as Lex wins the 1st Fall, then gets attacked by NINE GUYS, eliminating him from the match

*Ron Bass vs Chris Champion

*The Fabulous Ones brawl with The Shock Troops

*Dusty Rhodes & Blackjack Mulligan vs Mr Olympia & Golden Boy Grey

*Dusty Rhodes video. Notable, because the obnoxious Rhodes SINGS

*One Man Gang & Ron Bass vs Mike Rotundo & Mike Davis. Rotundo & Davis get help from the Dirty Yellow Dog (Barry Windham in a mask, who lost a Loser Leaves Town Match) to win the U.S. Tag Team Titles……on a COUNTOUT

*Billy Jack Haynes vs Wild Bill Snyder. Snyder is anything but wild. Dusty Rhodes shakes Haynes hand after his victory

*Dressing room interview with Dusty Rhodes, just minutes after his very first N.W.A. Title victory

*Kendo Nagasaki vs Denny Brown

*Andre The Giant vs Hulk Hogan. Armwrestling Contest. I have absolutely no idea what area this is from. Hogan is going under the name Terry "The Hulk" Boulder here. Someone named Billy Spears interferes, and Hogan bloodies Andre with the table

*Tommy Rich vs Rick Rude. Memphis, jip. Wild ending, as There's a ref bump, Jimmy Hart attempts to KO Rich but gets caught by Tojo Yamamoto, Angel (Rude's valet) goes to give Rude a chain, but Jerry Lawler smashes their heads together and clocks Rude with the chain enabling Rich to win the Southern Title

*A.W.A. Champ Nick Bockwinkle vs Jerry Lawler. Memphis, jip. The ref's decision in this match is so brutal I'm not even gonna ruin it here for you…you'll have to see it

*Randy Savage vs Austin Idol. Memphis, jip. Savage defends the Int'l Title. Angelo Poffo throws an object to his son

*Cowboy Bob Ellis vs Bobby Heenan. Heenan is billed as "Pretty Boy" Bobby Heenan. Heenan tries to get out of the match by faking an injury and showing up with Blackjacks Mulligan & Lanza, but Ellis cleans house

*Jean DuBois wrestles a bear! Black and white from the 60s

*The Sheik vs Tiger Jeet Singh. Jip. Match is held in a mudpit

*Austin Idol vs Masao Ito. Ito wins the Southern Title

*Terry "The Hulk" Boulder vs The Outlaw. FAIR PICTURE

*Southwest TTC Tully Blanchard & Gino Hernandez vs Scott Casey & Terry Allen. Allen would go onto great fame as Magnum TA.

*Marty Jannetty, Tommy Rogers & Wahoo McDaniel vs The Grapplers & Ted Oates

*Rick Rude vs Randy Savage. Memphis,jip. FAIR/POOR PICTURE due to breakups

*Andre The Giant vs TheSheik. TEXAS DEATH MATCH. Sheik throws fire and beat Andre!!

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